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Let Owens Landscaping Inc. transform your landscape into a beautiful setting for you to enjoy for years to come with our landscape design service. 

Master Plan: A master plan is an essential part of any successful landscape, as it helps spell out the specific needs, desires, and objectives. A master plan allows for more flexibility, as the install can be done in phases while keeping the long range goals in mind. A master plan illustrates all proposed improvements or revisions of hardscape areas (walks/patios/drives), planting areas and plant varieties that are suitable to the site and client needs. Landscape enhancements such as water gardens, pergolas and landscape lighting are all crucial elements to the design process. During the initial consultation and site evaluation, we will discuss your objectives, priorities, design fees, potential cost and available budget. The consultation helps define the extent of services and provides a clear sense of what is possible in order that both the design and landscape can be created with realistic expectations, thus saving time and effort. 

Foundation Planting Plan: Not looking to tackle a big project but still want to bring that beautiful curb appeal to you yard? Our foundation planting design is along the same process as the master plan just on a smaller scale. Like for that abandoned unsightly back corner of your yard, the tired old landscape plantings in the front yard that everyone sees as they drive by. So give us a call today and lets get your landscape project heading in the right direction.